That’s a great question, first of all, my parents bread small poodles when I was a kid. So some of my favorite memories as a child were me and my siblings taking care of the puppies. That was truly the highlight of life for us.

So when I got married, my wife and I decided to look into that so that we can provide our 3 children with a similar experience. We have since been breeding for over a decade now, And sure enough our kids  ABSOLUTELY LOVE taking care of the puppies. It’s also become a major highlight of life for them.

When we got started with the breeding, we initially focused only on purebred. English retrievers and poodles. That was until our older son had to get a major surgery and we were laid up in a the hospital with him for a while. while we were there tough, we received almost daily visits from therapy dogs that just about always looked like“ live ready bears “ they were always either golden doodles or bernedoodles. that was our introduction to the breed.

As we started doing some research on them we fund out about their “ low to non- shedding traits “ Their intelligence and trainability is remarkable.

That’s when we deviated from breeding pure breads to doodles exclusively.

YES! jk…but really  that’s the best we got, because we truly absolutely love both breeds!

F1 refers to the cross between two purebred dogs- A Bernese Mountain Dog crossed to a Poodle or a Golden Retriever crossed to a Poodle. This generation cross gives a 50/50 mix, genetically they will have a combination of attributes between the two parents. Coats in F1s can vary in terms of the percentage of hair shedding. Some will be nearly completely non-shedding and others will have a percentage of hair that still sheds.

F1b’s are a Bernedoodle crossed to a Poodle- with 75% poodle, their coats are usually fairly consistently, low to non-shedding. Typically half of the litter will be have a curly coat and half will have a looser wavy coat. They are more suited to a family that may have mild allergies or that feel strongly about shedding in their dog.

We understand that getting a puppy is a pretty exciting undertaking for any family, and we want to keep you as engaged as possible in the process.

That being said, we have to operate with scheduled updates so that we can continue to provide the best possible care to our moms and pups while maintaining our normal family life activities ( kids, work, life in general etc. ) .

So while it may be exciting to request updated photos every other day, we ask that you please adhere to our update schedule. A good rule of thumb is, we give photo updates every 3 weeks

So expect photos at:

– Birth to 1 week

-4 weeks ( that’s when we often have families select their puppy in the order in which deposits were received )

-7 weeks

When pups turn 8 weeks, It’s a Happy Day!!  because they now can go home!

First of all you can always flight into town to pick up your puppy from us. We can meet with you at the AirPort and hand you the puppy there for free. please contact the airline to learn regulation surrounding your ability/requirements to flight with your puppy in cabin. (it’s a pretty simple process in our experience )

Or we can fly the puppy to you for $500

Here is what the $500 gets you

-The plane ticket

-Vet flight Certificate

  • The crate for the pup to flight in
  • Due to the The Novel Corona Virus crisis, some airlines have been adding a surcharge on their normal prices. We will let you know when we find out if such a charge is applicable at the time booking
  • For families on the west coast, we occasionally offer a discount on the shipping cost when a family opts into giving a $50 donation to an orphanage we support in Haiti fhghaiti.org ( feel free to reach out and we will give you details on how to be apart of that

Final payment is due at the time we meet with you and give you your puppy.

If we are flying the puppy to you, final payment  (including any shipping costs) are due as soon as we provide you with flight health certificate, airway bill number and plane ticket information. That typically happens within 2 to 5 days of us flying the puppy to you.

The final payments can be made via bank transfer, check, Paypal  or credit card ( please be aware there is a 3% finances charge fee if using PayPal or card ( debit or credit card )

We provide a two year health guarantee that your puppy will be free from life threatening congenital defects or we will replace your puppy.

Our puppies are family pets only! Although many breeders do a good job taking care of their mom dogs, We do not sell our puppies breeders.

As for spaying and neutering, We do however believe in delayed spaying and neutering, to allow the benefits of the hormones for bones and joint development. Please consult with your license veterinarian to help determine the best time to spay or neuter. We definitely encourage families to do their homework and weight the pros and cons of delayed neutering and make a decision that is best for them.

Our dogs do come with a spay and neuter contract but we want what is best for our dogs long term- so if your vet recommends a certain timing we will be flexible.

Our deposits are not refundable, they go towards the final puppy price. When we have received a deposit for a puppy, we no longer advertise that puppy to other inquiring families, it makes it challenging for us to consider a puppy spoken for, and then have to start the process over from scratch.

Also, Our planned litters are designed around the deposits, so in order for us to plan out our upcoming schedules we ask that you keep this in mind when placing a deposit. If anything happens to the puppy we will refund your deposit.

We do offer potty training services but have to keep it at no more than 3 puppies at the time. The reason being, we feel like we do our best work when we have no more than 3 puppies at the time.
Prior to opting into our potty training program, we ask that you watch this youtube video so you have a clear understanding of both what we do, and what you’ll need to do to keep up with the puppy’s progress once he or she comes home.
We will get the toughest days or weeks out of the way, but Please review this video before accepting training. We want you to gain a better understanding of your role to continuing the potty training process when puppy gets home, so puppy does not back track.

Both have their advantages, but we recommend using a litter box. This is a very helpful video that should help you understand why.

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